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Our team building workshops and motivational events are designed to encourage communication and collaboration through the beautiful art of flower arranging. We provide all the necessary materials and expertise so that your team can create their own beautiful floral arrangements, while building and strengthening relationships with each other. Our workshops are tailored to meet your specific needs and can be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of their level of experience or knowledge. Get in touch with us to learn more about how Total Flower Designs can help your team work together more effectively.


Our workshops give the attendee a relaxing and mindful experience that is both fun and informative.

The health and wellness benefits of plant related activities are numerous and well documented. Spending time with, and working hands on with flowers is a great way to engage with colleagues and the reap the rewards of horticultural therapy.

By bringing nature into the workplace your team can take a step back from the stress of the fast paced digital work environment and shift focus back to the joys of nature.

At the end of the workshop your team will have a real sense of achievement from having learned a new skill and created something beautiful to take away with them.

 It's the perfect way to recharge your batteries and get the positive energy you need to face whatever comes next.



An informative and interesting talk on flower care, trends, the use of colour and texture. Followed by a detailed and descriptive practical demonstration. Culminating in the attendees creating their own arrangement/design, to take away. Typically 1-3 hrs.

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